One Man Live 02/03/2019 – 30/03/2019

2nd and 30th of March come and enjoy a good food and environment with the presence of One Man Live at Bariloche Restaurant Grill


145 - 149 Battersea high st. London SW11 3JS


0208 -127 - 5059

About Bariloche

Bariloche prepares and serves the freshest most authentic Argentine food. Our meats are imported from Argentina.

Grilled fish, seafood, grilled espetadas, vegetarian options also available. Selection of homemade desserts, the perfect ending to a memorable Argentine food experience.

Our traditions as Italo – Angertineans is very distinctive; we are extremely pleased of our Argentinian customs, but we have that slight element that awakens within each and every one of us, and reminded us, that part of us, the Italo – Argentini people, are best suited to the italian culture; Nevertheless our Argentinian culture is very diversified. The merge of these cultures, creates such a combination in our traditional cuisine and that is what we provide to the world.

Argentine cuisine has been firmly influenced by Italian cuisine; the usual Argentine diet is a variation on the Mediterranean diet. Italian selection dishes like pasta are prevalent. Pasta is particularly typical, either simple plain pasta with butter or oil, or complemented with tomato or bechamel-based sauce. The wide range of italian cuisine that inspired our Argentinian culture is rich and remarkable; the flavor of the most finest ingredients, for the preparation of cheeses, tuco sauce (italian sugo), estofado, (stew) with a simple touch of oregano and basil herbs, makes every dish extraordinary tastefull.

The history of Argentine cuisine is rich and varied. As a territory that has encountered extensive immigration challenges throughout the years, although the country has reaped the benefit from several food influences. The diverse environment in the region, varying from subtropical to sub polar, has also helped significantly expand the set of ingredients conveniently available. European settlers are generally accountable for Argentina’s cuisine, mostly the Italians, Spaniards and Germans.

Our asado is the national dish by excellence in Argentina and we are preferred and recognized for our meats cuts, chorizos, lamb chops, beef ribs, morcillas, and much more. We take pride for our cuisine, our traditions and who we are.

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