One Man Live 30/03/2019

2nd and 30th of March come and enjoy a good food and environment with the presence of One Man Live at Bariloche Restaurant Grill


145 - 149 Battersea high st. London SW11 3JS


0208 -127 - 5059




£19.50 per person

Two people minimum order
Not takeaway allowed

SUNDAYS: Children under 10
“Children’s Menu” or ”Asado”
1 free meal per child when ordered a two adult’s main courses

Minimum two people

Risotto, ½ Lobster per person, cooked and served on Cast Iron Pot

Minimum two people

Spaghetti, ½ Lobster, cherry tomatoes, parsley & light tomato sauce



Our Starters! 

Minestrone (V)  £4.75

Traditional Italian Vegetable Soup

Argentine Mixed Sausage Platter  £16.50

Traditional Italian Vegetable Soup

Empanadas(2 Empanadas)  £6.75
Empanadas ( 6 Empanadas)  £19.75

Options: Beef, Chicken or Tomato mozzarella

Verduras a la Parrilla (v) £6.50

Grilled vegetables, topped with gratin Provolone
cheese, olive oil & herbs

Provoleta del chef.  £5.95

Gratin Provolone cheese with oregano & bread

Picada Argentina (v) £12.75

Selection of cured meats & cheese’s

Chorizo Criollo £5.75

Grilled Argentine style sausage on toast & chimichurri

Prosciutto e Melone £5.95

Grilled Argentine style sausage on toast & chimichurri

Asparagi e Prosciutto  £6.95

Gratin Provolone cheese with oregano & bread

Insalata di Gamberetti – £6.50 Avocado and peeled prawn salad with marie rose sauce

Cozze Marinara – £7.75 Mussels, shallots, garlic, cherry tomatoes & white wine sauce

Gamberoni – £12.75 4 king prawns, chilli, garlic butter & white wine sauce

Calamari Alla Griglia- £8.95 Grilled squid, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes & garlic chilli oil.

Tricolore, (v)- £5.95 Avocado, tomato, Buffalo mozzarella & fresh basil leaves

Carpaccio di Manzo – £7.50 Avocado, tomato, Buffalo mozzarella & fresh basil leaves

Funchi al Formaggio di Capra (v) – £6.50 Stuffed Portobello mushrooms with roast tomatoes and goat cheese



Our Mains 

Fegato Alla Griglia  £14.75

Grilled calves liver, crispy pancetta, mash potato & jus Italian 

Fegato Burro e Salvia  £12.75

Pan fried liver with butter & sage

Pollo al Estragon £14.50

Chicken breasts, Parma Ham in creamy tarragon sauce & crushed new potatoes

Spalla di Agnello £15.75

Crispy lamb shoulder, garlic crushed new potatoes, pan fried courgettes & jus

Agnello – £19.75

Rack of lamb, dauphinoise potato & read wine jus

Gamba de Anitra £15.50

Grilled fillets of sea bass served with green Roasted leg of duck, braised red cabbage, dauphinoise potato& jus

Milanesa Bariloche £12.75

Breaded chicken or beef service with choice of green salad or fries

Milanesa Napoletana £12.75

Breaded chicken of beef topped with ham, tomato & cheese 


Langostinos – £16.50

Butterfly king prawns, chilli, garlic, butter, white wine & white rice

Filetes de Lubina– £15.75

Grilled fillets of sea bass, fresh asparagus & red pepper dressing


Pasta | Risotto

Spaghetti Basilico £7.75

Cherry tomato, basil & parmesan cheese 

Spaghetti Bolognese £9.50

Spaghetti served with a rich Bolognese sauce

Spaghetti Carbonara £9.75

Smoked Italian Panchetta, egg yolk & creamy sauce

Fettucine Al Monte £9.75

Grilled aubergines, courgettes, peppers, fresh tomato and garlic

Penne Arrabiata £7.75

Fresh garlic, chilli & tomato pomodoro

Penne Al Quattro Formaggi £9.75

Gorgonzola, provolone, mozzarella & parmesan cheese in a light cream sauce (v)

Linguine Ala Pescatora £14.95

Fresh seafood, garlic, onions, chilli & cherry tomatoes

Ravioli di Ricotta E Spinaci £12.75

Filled with ricotta, spinach, basil & tomato creamy sauce

Risotto Alla Milanese (v)  £10.50

Saffron Risotto toped with Parmesan shavings

Risotto Al Pollo £11.75

Chicken, wild mushrooms & Parmesan shavings

Risotto Ala Pescatora £14.95

Fresh seafood, garlic, onions & a touch of fresh tomato




Parrilla Argentine  Style

Steaks are accompanied with chimmichuri sauce & garnish

Bife de Chorizo  

250g £17.50

350g £24.50

Grilled prime Argentine Sirloin Steak

Bife De Lomo 

200g £19.50

300g £28.50

Grilled prime Argentine fillet steak

Bife Ancho 

300g £22.50

Grilled prime Argentine rib-eye steak 

Bife De Cuadril 

300g £22.50

Grilled prime Argentine rib-eye steak 



Cuatro Gauchos 800g  £49.00
Our four cuts of meat, Fillet, Rib-Eye, Sirloin and Rump

(Serves Two People)

Parrillada Bariloche  £47.00
200 g Fillet steak, 250g Sirloin Steak,2 Chorizo, & Flat Mushroom toped with melted Provolone cheese

(Serves Two People)

Parrillada Criolla  £22.00 pp (Minimum two people)

Per Person, (100 g Rump Steak, 100g Fillet Steak, 1 Argentine sausage, 1 Beef rib, 1 Lamb Chop) & Flat Mushroom toped with melted Provolone cheese






Green Peppercon   £2.00

Wild Mushrooms  £2.00

Blue cheese  £2.00

Garlic mayo  £2.00



Ensalada Mixta £3.50
Mixed salad

Ensalada Verde £3.50
Green salad with avocado

Ensalada de Rucula £3.90
Rocket salad with shaved Parmesan

Tricolore  £6.90
Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes,avocado, basil & olive oil



Chips or Fries  3.50

Sweet potato chips £3.75

Sauté potatoes  £3.50
With rosemary & garlic

Humita, Sweetcorn Puree £4.50
With sundried tomatoes & basil

Grilled Vegetables £4.95

Braised Red Cabbage  £3.75

Mashed Potatoes  £3.75
With saffron

Green Beans  £3.75
Sauteed with garlic & cherry tomatoes

Mixed Mushrooms  £4.50
Sauteed with garlic

Two fried eggs £2.90

“San Carlos de Bariloche is home to Nahuelito, Monster of Lake Nahuel Huapi, cousin of Loch Ness in Scotland”

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